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Website articles and our 'Research & Write' serviceWebsite news and blog articles

If you'd like articles about industry news to appear on your website (and / or in your newsletter - see below), just leave it to us. We'll find the best news sources and send you a selection of relevant stories to choose from. You then simply tell us which ones you'd like us to write up.

When you've approved the copy, we can also upload the articles to your website blog or news section at a competitive price.

Saving you time, hassle and resource whilst getting your company news out there

This 'Research & Write' service is one of our most popular and flexible services. It's available on an ad hoc or regular basis, depending on how many articles or newsletters you'd like us to write, and how often. If you ask us to write regularly for you on an ongoing basis, we may be able to offer you a discount on our standard hourly rate.


Newsletter copywritingNewsletters

Thinking of starting a newsletter for your clients? Already producing a newsletter but struggling to find the time to write it? Just tell Black & Write your news and leave it to us. We can work to an existing template or design a new look for your newsletter. We’ll help you think about who'll be reading the newsletter and which of your news articles will be the most interesting and relevant to them. We’ll produce an engaging and easy to read newsletter that focuses on your key pieces of news whilst not forgetting those minor stories.

And there’s more...

Why not ask Black & Write to source some eye-catching artwork to bring your newsletter to life? We can even arrange the print production and mailing of the finished article to your clients. 

Or if you prefer to email your newsletter, we'll work with our One Stop Shop partners to make sure your newsletter looks amazing and gets to the right people in your database. Please see our email copy page for more details.

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Please contact us to discuss your newsletter or article copywriting requirements and to request a quote.