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Also known as sales letters or mail shots, direct mail is a great way to communicate with your existing customers and to snag some new ones too. But there’s a catch – all your competitors are sending direct mail as well. Your customers may receive dozens of mail shots a week, many of which will be consigned to the dustbin.

But help is at hand. Black & Write will work with you to create an innovative, interesting and eye-catching piece of direct mail. We’ll help you think about who your customers are, what they really want and why they should get it from you rather than anyone else. Then we’ll get to work on some focused and relevant copy that will make your customers sit up and take notice.

Don’t fancy licking all those stamps?

OK, so they’re self-adhesive these days but you know what we mean. If you’d like Black & Write to take care of your mailing requirements, we’d be delighted.

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Mail Shots couldn't be easier with Black & Write



Benefits we can offer

• Increased sales
• Higher response and enquiry rates
• Raised company profile
• Better customer communications
• Enhanced credibility

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What our clients think

"I engaged Black & Write to produce copy for a direct mail piece. The content was quite technical and the challenge was to present it in clear and well-structured language that the target reader could immediately understand. Faye's copy was spot-on."

Dean Stocks, Stocks Consulting

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