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Faye StensonIf you write your own copy, it's a good idea to have it professionally copy edited. That way, you can make sure your copy is clear, relevant to your target audience and communicates your key messages effectively.

Black & Write offers a fast and cost-effective copy editing service. Whether it's website copy, direct mail or product sales sheets, we'll strengthen your sales and marketing communications so they work harder to promote your business and its products or services. We also copy edit books and information-based copy, such as training manuals and user guides.

Tone of voice work

We can help your company develop its own tone of voice. This is an important corporate branding exercise that aims to make sure all your internal and external communications are written in a consistent style. Once your tone of voice guidelines are in place, you and your staff will find it easier to write engaging copy that's 'on brand' and helps get the results you want. Or you can simply hand your draft copy over to us and we'll 'tone of voice' it for you - saving you time, hassle and resource.

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