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Advertising in the press couldn't be easier with Black & Write

Given the current economic climate, many companies are slashing their advertising budgets. Has YOUR business advertised recently? If not, be warned – a rival firm that is advertising and getting its name out there could be taking your business. And as demand for advertising has fallen recently, there are some great deals out there.

So, what exactly do you want to advertise? Do you want to promote your company in general and to explain what you do? You could stress your reputation for fantastic customer service. Or maybe there’s a specific product or service that you want to highlight. Whatever you decide to focus on, Black & Write will identify a key message for your advert. We’ll pitch your ad so it appeals to your target customer base and offers them just what they’re looking for.

Press ads

As well as writing your advert copy, Black & Write can help you identify the best publications for your market. We'll research pricing and availability, and present the various advertising options to you*. And if you need artwork to be created, we’ll take care of that too.

Radio,TV and website video ads

If you're more interested in non-print advertising, we also offer a scriptwriting service for radio, TV and website video advertisements*. And through our One Stop Shop, we can also arrange professional voice over services and video production for your advert.

Can't afford to advertise?

Don’t worry. There are other ways you can get press or air time coverage for your company and its products without paying for advertising, such as issuing a press release. Please contact us for more information – we’re full of ideas!

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your advert copywriting requirements and to request a quote.

* Please note that the client is responsible for booking and paying for advertising space and / or air time directly.